Multi-Role Capability

Multi-Role Capability. All-Season Versatility.

When equipped with Wipaire amphibious floats, the Air Tractor® AT-802F Fire Boss becomes a water scooper, able to land on and scoop water from nearby lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. The AT-802F Fire Boss can deliver up to 14,000 gallons per hour for extended attack or ground support when close to a water source. An unimproved runway or water-side ramp and fuel are all it needs to be a highly cost-effective forward attack air tanker.

And when fire season is over, the AT-802F is ready to go back to work – not back into the hangar.

The same qualities that make the AT-802F a superior aerial firefighter also make it perfectly suited for forest restoration in the wake of wildfires. Its 800-gallon capacity, speed, and maneuverability help to make quick work of hydromulch application or reseeding for erosion control. And the AT-802F is perfect for other types of forestry protection duties, including aerial application to control gypsy moth, spruce budworm, or other pests, and timber fertilization for increased growth.

More than just a firefighting aircraft, the AT-802F is a multi-resource tool for land management efforts.