Initial Attack Firefighter

Fast. Effective. Cost-efficient.

More and more fire agencies are strengthening their initial response and direct attack capabilities by adding Air Tractor AT-802F initial‐attack aircraft into their aerial firefighting arsenal. When deployed for early initial attack AT-802F SEATs can rapidly contain small fires before they blow up into costly megafires.

A rapid, direct and reliable initial response can keep fires small and costs down.

A group of pre‐positioned Air Tractor AT-802F air tankers can arrive over a fire within minutes, carrying loads of water or retardant that can contain the fire and buy time for first responders. Suppressing a fire and reducing its intensity during initial attack cools the fire environment for wildland firefighters on the ground and gives them a better chance to better contain and extinguish the fire. Rapid, direct and reliable initial response helps ground crews to put out blazes more efficiently, limiting wildfire devastation and the ever-increasing associated costs for fire suppression.

Suppress the fire before it grows out of control. It’s a smarter way to fight fires.