Single Engine Air Tanker

The Fast, First Response To Wildfires.

Season after season, the Air Tractor® AT-802F proves its value as a versatile, effective aerial firefighter.

Rapidly attack wildfires while they’re still small. Contain their spread. Reduce their heat until fire crews arrive to finish the job. That’s the primary role of the Air Tractor AT-802F. And it’s a proven strategy for preventing greater wildfire devastation damage while substantially reducing firefighting costs.

The AT-802F combines rugged reliability, pinpoint drop precision, and aerial agility to operate amidst terrain where larger aircraft can’t maneuver or effectively impact the fire. When configured as an amphibious water scooper, the AT-802F Fire Boss increases the firefighting tempo by operating from nearby water sources.

The same qualities that make the AT-802F a superior air tanker also make it perfectly suited for forest restoration and land management tasks in the wake of wildfires. Dollar for dollar, hour for hour, it’s simply the most cost-efficient, versatile air tanker flying.

Aircraft Overview

Capabilities, Specifications, and Sustainment

Multi-Role Capability

All-Season Versatility.

Rapid Response

Fast To Deploy. Effective In The Field.

Initial Attack Firefighter

Suppress the Fire Before It Rages Out Of Control.