FRDS Gen III Fire Gate System

Now Better Than Ever.

The most capable lightweight fire gate is now better than ever. The extensive update to the FRDS system includes more than 270-lbs of weight reduction, all-electric operation, 25% more flow rate, integrated AFF tracking/ATU telemetry system, integrated controls for water enhancement system, and much simpler operation than previous systems.

Only the Air Tractor Gen III FRDS offers all of these advantages:

  • 25% more flow rate than Gen II systems
  • More than 270-lbs. of system weight reduction increases payload capacity
  • The highest performance “constant-flow” gate provides the most ground line per gallon of retardant delivered
  • Simple controls provide pilot-friendly “set it and forget it” drops
  • All-electric motor and gearbox eliminates hydraulics, increases reliability, and reduces maintenance
  • Drops an 800-gallon salvo in just 1.4 seconds
  • Fire gate controller has built-in AFF Tracking and ATU telemetry capabilities with post-mission operations reporting via TracPlus application
  • Fire gate is FAA STC certified; IAB, USFS, and BLM approved
  • Backed by Air Tractor’s worldwide support network

In the cockpit, the FRDS Pilot Interface puts control at your fingertips.

The compact pilot interface display has an anti-reflective, color OLED screen and back-lit silicone button overlay for clarity and visibility in all lighting conditions. Pilots can quickly dial in the coverage level, drop amount, and ground speed when approaching the fire line. Then, with a press of the control stick trigger, the FRDS computer does the rest – opening and closing the fire gate doors while compensating for G-loads, gallons in the hopper, and ground speed to deliver consistent coverage along the entire drop.

The Gen III fire gate can be easily retrofitted to AT-802F airplanes equipped with Gen I and Gen II fire gates. Vent doors, fairings, brackets, E-dump handle, and other items from earlier FRDS systems can be reused. This commonality of parts is yet another example of Air Tractor’s long-standing customer support of our fire gate systems.

The most capable lightweight fire gate on the market offers the precision to make a difference with every drop.